How to setup a Cloudflare tunnel as a Kubernetes ingress

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A quick way to get HTTPS ingress into a Kubernetes cluster is to deploy the cloudlared container as a deployment or sidecar.

Follow the instructions for setting up cloudflared on your local machine.

1. Certificate Generation

So that cloudflared can authenticate itself when running inside your cluster we need to generate a certificate.

$ cloudflared tunnel login
Please open the following URL and log in with your Cloudflare account:

Leave cloudflared running to download the cert automatically.

Select the domain you wish to attach the tunnel to.

Authorize Tunnel

After which cloudflared confirms the certificate has been downloaded.

If you wish to copy your credentials to a server, they have been saved to:

2. Getting the secret into Kubernetes

Store the cert.pem file as a secret in Kubernetes.

kubectl --namespace=$NAMESPACE create secret generic \
   cloudflare-cert \

3. Deploying cloudlared into Kubernetes

As we are using Pulumi for our infrastructure as code solution we can show you how the deployment for cloudflared looks like in Typescript, which is pretty close to how the Kubernetes YAML would look.

The main thing to note is that you need to use a subdomain of your domain i.e. After that if you want your root domain to point to the tunnel, you can use a CNAME in your domain setup.

const HOST_NAME = 'yourdomain'
const DESTINATION_HOST = 'your-kubernetes-deployment'

const cloudflaredPod = new kx.PodBuilder({
    imagePullSecrets: [{ name: 'image-pull' }],
    containers: [{
        name: "tunnel",
        image: "cloudflare/cloudflared:2021.11.0",
        command: ["cloudflared", "tunnel"],
        args: [
        volumeMounts: [{
            name: "tunnel-secret-volume",
            mountPath: "/etc/cloudflared/"
    volumes: [{
        name: "tunnel-secret-volume",
        secret: {
            secretName: `cloudflare-cert-${NAMESPACE}`,
            items: [
                { key: "cert.pem", path: "cert.pem" }

4. Finally

You should now be able to access the web server in your cluster from

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